Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Principles of Exercise

Let's get down and dirty!
There are a few principles of exercise which we should address. The first one is the Principle of Overload. This is a key component. In order to improve one's physical fitness, the muscles must be stressed. You do THIS, by increasing the intensity, or duration, or range of motion.

The second principle, is that of PROGRESSION. This means that overload should be increased graudally, over the course of your fitness program. However, progression that is too slow will result in limited improvement. Progression that is too fast will result in chronic fatigue and injury. Use the 10% rule for increasing your progression. For example, if you are running for 20 minutes, the next week- run 22 minutes.

The third principle is SPECIFICITY. This means that the training is specific to the muscles involved in teh activity. You won't get great arm improvement in a 10 week jogging program.

Last, the Principle of RECUPERATION. the body requires recovery periods between exercise training sessions in order to adapt to the exercise stress. This is essential for maximal benefit from your exercise!

Love you all, and good running, cycling, swimming etc!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Family Update!

Hey guys, this is yer old sister! Just want you to know, how everybody is doing!

Buzzwan is rocking on his bike! Ask him to tell you about how he crashed in front of a group of hot chicks, and he will BLEED FOR YOU! haha!

Actually, he just completed a 100 miler! YOU DA MAN!

Amy and Katie are getting ready for their first race. We are training daily, and Amy checked in the other day with TWO MILES! YEA! I logged mine in too!

Check out for setting up your own walking, or running!
Buzz already uses mapmyride.

Family, wherever you are in your levels of fitness- HANG IN THERE!

Love ya!


Finding your Target Heart Rate (THR)

There are many methods to finding your target heart rate. You should learn yours, so you can stay within that optimal zone for you! Everyones is different, and it changes as we age... HALLELUJAH!

use this formula to figure yours.

- RHR (Resting heart rate)

Take this number, and use it twice- to find out the ranges.
First times the result by .65 (65%)
Then add your RHR BACK IN,
and you will have the low end of your target.

Use the number the second time, and times by .90 (90%)
Again, add your RHR back in.
This will give you the high end of your target.

Now you have a range to work within! This is the optimal level for FAT burning! Good luck!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Anyone still read this thing? If so, then here's my progress report:

Biked over 200 miles in the past 3 weeks. Got in at least 70 over the long weekend. Result: I'm down 7 pounds.

Now I just need to learn to eat right!

How's everyone else doing?


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Riding to the 'mountain of the Lord'

I just got done with a 25 mile ride to the Draper Temple and back from my house. I had no idea that it would be such a LONG and STEEP hill to go the final mile to the temple. I did have to stop about have way up the hill to catch my breath, but I made it! Woot woot! Along the way, I drew several analogies to the gospel, formulated about 10 church talks with this new material, and pondered why the Lord couldn't have required the temples to be in the VALLEY of the Lord, not the MOUNTAIN of the Lord.

Regardless, about 2.5 hours later, I dragged my chaffed hind end into my house and collapsed. Jenn rewarded me with a healthy dinner!

If you're interested, here's the route BACK that I took. Even more so, I now am proud to report that cycling has completely replaced golf for me. I haven't been to a course in about two years. (All Stangers, may now roll over in their figurative graves).

Monday, May 4, 2009


seriously?? I wasn't supposed to eat two pieces of pizza and 3 breadsticks tonight for dinner?? But it was extrodinarily good pizza. (We'll go there next time you hit the boise area.. then you can try restraint!)

all right, off to attempt a work out. I'll let you know how it goes : P


Having recieved yet another plea from one of our many readers.... um.. what do we have now? Two... ANYWAY! It was brought to my attention that we needed to address another post on the topic of weight gain and it's dastardly design to make us look like we have lived our lives in a Krispy Kreme shop.
NEVER FEAR! Another idea is here! Are you ready? Are you gasping with anticipation and feeling tremors of excitement shoot up and down your spine? OK Ok.. (drum roll please) GET OFF YOU LAZY A@@!

No, really though... there are many factors to weight gain. I myself have watched the scale go up, up UP over the last month. So, today as a matter of fact, I went back to my New Years Resolution to take another quick peak at what I wanted to do this year. My goal? Add a word to my vocabulary. That's it! And what was that life changing word you might ask? Well, go ahead and ask.. but I will tell you now. RESTRAINT. Here's how it works...

So you want to sample everything? Go for it. The trick? It goes against EVERYTHING we have ever been taught--- LEAVE FOOD ON YOUR PLATE!

Here's what I want you to try... those of you who would like to see a change in your current weight.
1. FOR ONE DAY ONLY... make a list of EVERYTHING you put in your mouth. Gum, water, you name it.. if it goes in your mouth write it down. See where your nutrient are coming from.
2. Color! Go for colored food! The brighter the better! Reds, greens, yellows, orange... keep it going and use those for your staples and snacks.
3. Before you eat any meal, drink a FULL glass of water. It will leave quickly, but help the urge to gorge yourself.
4. Last of all.. Add some sort of exercise! THIS IS A MUST! You CAN'T AVOID IT!

Good luck my family and friends!

Hugs and Kisses!